Matt Boor for Congress

We Need Volunteers

Matt Boor for Congress Show your support! Please take the time to help with the campaign. Matt is always accessible. Feel free to contact him anytime at

Every little bit helps. YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!
Show your support by helping with the following:
  • Put up a yard sign
  • Ask a friend or neighbor to put up a yard sign
  • Walk/Canvass your neighborhood *
  • Volunteer to work a parade or event *
  • Host a "Meet & Greet" with Matt *
  • Have Matt speak at your organization meeting *
  • Make a donation
* Keeping in mind that we are under CDC recommendation to maintain "social distancing" and wearing masks when out in public until this COVID–19 pandemic is clear.

The fastest and easiest way to support Matt is to get the word out. Tell your friends about this website. Also Like us on Facebook plus share Matt's Facebook page with your online friends. Remember a Facebook "share" provides better support than a "like."

You can also subscribe to Matt on Twitter and Snapchat.
Matt Boor for Congress Demand better from your govenment.
Demand accountability.
Let your voice be heard.
Let me be your voice!
Thank You. Matt